Western Art

The Lodge at Whitefish Lake is proud to display a selection of art by Fred & Deborah Fellows throughout the resort. Horse enthusiasts by nature, the Fellows's art showcases their knowledge of the true West and the way it feels to sit in the saddle. For more information, please email [email protected], or view more art and biographies online at Fellows Studios!

A sample of Fred Fellows's Paintings:

Life in the Fast Lane by Fred Fellows. A 1929 Model A with a homemade horse trailer changed the West! This work is a Lodge favorite and can be viewed in our lobby. – Fred Fellows

Redistribution of Wealth by Fred Fellows – Fred Fellows

Friends for Supper – Fred Fellows

And a sample of Deborah Fellows's Sculptures:

In Sight of the Ranch House by Deborah Fellows – Deborah Fellows Forget the Food, Save the Booze by Deborah Fellows – Deborah Fellows

A Little Border Issue – Deborah Fellows

Biting Off by Deborah Fellows – Deborah Fellows