Whitefish's Hottest Renegade Runway Yet!

May 17th, 2018 at 4:01pm

When you purchase your $125 VIP ticket, you are supporting Alpine Theatre Project, Stumptown Art Studio, Sparrow’s Nest, Whitefish Montessori School, and Whitefish Public Schools. Additional funds will be raised from the purchase of items from the vendor "pop-ups" and Havana Nights merchandise or feel free to throw some cash into one of the donations buckets that will be available at the event.

VIPs get center stage with exclusive poolside access and view of the runway, a private bar, complimentary pre-party Cuban hors d’oeuvres, mighty Mojitos, and an after-party Latin snack buffet. VIP access is limited though, so if you’re interested, you need to purchase your VIP Ticket at R**enegade3.EventBrite.com**

The Cuban oasis features Cuban-themed cocktails, food and festivities while San Francisco DJ, Anurag rolls out the beats and carries the party into the evening as the sun sets and the night gets “hotter”!

Models in exotic swimwear, summer fashions and luxurious loungewear/lingerie will work the runway starting at 6:30p. Don’t miss these beautiful women showcasing The Mercantile at the Lodge, Harlow & Harlette, and Naked Princess.“Pop-ups” located outside TheSpa will be available with their merchandise so you can “shop the show” before and after the runway event!

Outside of the pool access is a FREE party open to the public. You can still view the runway from the Tiki Bar and Grill and Boat Club Deck with a view that’s “over the top!”

Cuban-themed drinks will be available throughout the Boat Club and Tiki and delicious treats can be ordered at both.

We’ll have a vintage, light blue ’57 Chevy on hand for photo ops and the view of the Lake is open to all! If you’re feeling the “Havana Vibe” we encourage you to join the fun and wear whiteor any other Havana-themed attire. Dress to party!

Havana Nights promises to be one of the most talked-about events of the summer! Get your tickets today or get here early on the 14th!

5-6:30p Pop-Up Shopping
5:30p Cocktail Hour
6:30p Runway Fashion Show
7:30-8p Pop-Up Shopping continues
7:30-10p Pool Dance Party
8-9p Cuban Snack Buffet

Here is a sneak peek of some of our Havana Nights models as well as some of our favorite runway looks from 2017:

http://files.thelodge.geoconsensus.com/portal/lodQz6HoZBxX6ft1ujoR/images/content/original/lodA747E5CB5437D6192.jpg http://files.thelodge.geoconsensus.com/portal/lodQz6HoZBxX6ft1ujoR/images/content/original/lodA0B483E5198B9A233.jpg http://files.thelodge.geoconsensus.com/portal/lodQz6HoZBxX6ft1ujoR/images/content/original/lodBF676A08D49CC79A7.jpg http://files.thelodge.geoconsensus.com/portal/lodQz6HoZBxX6ft1ujoR/images/content/original/lod1FC2C41CB6576EC81.jpg http://files.thelodge.geoconsensus.com/portal/lodQz6HoZBxX6ft1ujoR/images/content/original/lod1C9D5C526CB0B3E89.jpg http://files.thelodge.geoconsensus.com/portal/lodQz6HoZBxX6ft1ujoR/images/content/original/lod6749B3C0B567B8DFA.jpg http://files.thelodge.geoconsensus.com/portal/lodQz6HoZBxX6ft1ujoR/images/content/original/lod37B5C3F8443350ED6.jpg http://files.thelodge.geoconsensus.com/portal/lodQz6HoZBxX6ft1ujoR/images/content/original/lod1B702A57BFB0FE7A6.jpg http://files.thelodge.geoconsensus.com/portal/lodQz6HoZBxX6ft1ujoR/images/content/original/lodB95D41CBBDDBEDA7D.jpg http://files.thelodge.geoconsensus.com/portal/lodQz6HoZBxX6ft1ujoR/images/content/original/lodC61C2C716CE3BE86F.jpg http://files.thelodge.geoconsensus.com/portal/lodQz6HoZBxX6ft1ujoR/images/content/original/lod361DA68EEC7CC1326.jpg http://files.thelodge.geoconsensus.com/portal/lodQz6HoZBxX6ft1ujoR/images/content/original/lodD67B84B74D5C84124.jpg http://files.thelodge.geoconsensus.com/portal/lodQz6HoZBxX6ft1ujoR/images/content/original/lodCFDB3B8472F3323FE.jpg http://files.thelodge.geoconsensus.com/portal/lodQz6HoZBxX6ft1ujoR/images/content/original/lod343BB8B60CDA66CD6.jpg http://files.thelodge.geoconsensus.com/portal/lodQz6HoZBxX6ft1ujoR/images/content/original/lodCF6F7EF8A1C8BD35A.jpg